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Executive Partners - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does WRP mean?

WRP stands for WINDS Reward Points. The customer would accumulate WRP on each of his purchase done through the WINDS App online or offline.

2. What does WSP mean? How are they generated?

WSP stands for WINDS Service Points. Every Rupee paid, as Service Charge by the WINDS Executive Partner is equivalent to one WSP. Every cumulative 10,000 WSP (equivalent to Rs 10,000 Service Charge) will earn a coupon for the Executive Partner through which he can participate in the lucky draw and stand to win cash rewards worth between Rs.1000 to 20 crore. The Draw kitty will start from Rs 100 crore every month and will go up to Rs 500 crore every month very soon.

3. What do you mean by offline vendors?

Offline Vendors means Local Shopkeepers or retailers who have opened the Shop in your City, Area, and Street or in Market. You need to shop from these WINDS Registered Partners i.e, WINDS Executive Partners to participate in World’s Biggest Rewards Draw Program.

4. I do not have the time to explain all of this to the customers.

This is a simple concept; there is no complication to explain. This program is in the benefit for both of you. In his/her daily routine shopping a customer used to spend regularly and used to forget about it after receiving the product or service. Now on joining our FREE platform he/she has a chance to WIN between Rs. 1000 to 20 Crore, that too every month out of a total pool of Rs 100 crore, which will soon become 500 crore. If you extend this benefit and tell him/her about the free enrolment and benefits, then you will be his/her preferred Vendor lifelong.

5. Many such similar Apps are available in the market and the shopkeepers have not benefitted from them in any way.

WINDS is World’s most Unique Digital Rewards Platform launched by Sahara India Pariwar. It is one of its own kind of Digital Platform which provides an opportunity to both buyers and sellers on day to day purchases and daily sales through the APP to win Cash Lucky Draw starting from Rs. 1000 to 20 Crore every month. The Draw kitty will start from Rs. 100 crore every month and will go up to Rs 500 crore every month very soon. The best thing is not only customer but shopkeepers (WINDS Executive Partners) can reap big benefits from our WINDS Platform.

6. I hope this is not an MLM scheme where the customers need to be added or informed for availing themselves of the benefits.

No, not at all. WINDS is coming up with the world’s biggest reward program, through which, without notifying or adding anybody, and just by spending on your daily expenses through WINDS, the customers stand to win cash prizes worth between Rs. 1000 and 20 crore every month out of a kitty of Rss 100 crore which will soon become 500 crore every month.

7. Is WINDS Captain allowed to use WINDS App as a WINDS Customer and a WINDS Executive Partner?

WINDS Captain can use the WINDS User App as Customer and WINDS Executive Partner APP as a Vendor after requisite approvals. ALL WINDS App will have separate APP’s for Captain, User and WINDS Executive Partner.

8. Can one Executive Partner tie-up with shop of another Executive Partner?

No, it is not allowed.

9. As described in WINDS Digest, only one Vendor is allowed in a particular area for specific category. But the question is, if, after sometime, I as a WINDS Captain find that there is another, better shop in the same area for the same category, how can I replace the old Vendor?

This is the reason that the choice of vendor for registration should be made very carefully in the beginning; however, in due course of time the performance of existing vendors will be reviewed and non-performing vendors will be replaced by better ones.

10. Apart from earning WRP by customers, is there any facility for additional special discounts?

No, there is no provision for special discounts by WINDS. But if any discounts are offered by any vendors then customer can avail the same.

1. I do not want to get into this online bother.

It is very simple. There is nothing to bother about in this app. As a vendor i.e., as a WINDS Executive Partner, your role will be to just give approvals to all those Customer transactions or bills who have purchased from your shop. Rest of the job is managed by the APP itself and through the technology backend.

2. I get the feeling that to manage all of this, I will have to depute somebody

In the beginning you will not have to do anything of this sort as you yourself can give approvals to the customers’ transactions or bills, however, if your sale volumes increases through WINDS, what is the harm in deputing additional staff? More Consumers, more footfall, more profits, more acknowledgement in your neighbourhood – so what’ stopping you to increase the staff in future.

3. What will be my liability towards this?

You will not have any liability. Your task would be to give proper service to the WINDS customers, to approve their purchase or bills and to give the service charge as applicable to WINDS on a timely basis as agreed upon while signing the agreement with Winds. You have no liability towards the reward program.

4. To participate in the reward program, what does the customer need to do?

Customer has to do nothing but just download the Winds App. Till now customer used to spend and forget about it. Now he can carry out all his shopping expenditure through WINDS, either online or offline, and accumulate WINDS Reward Points ( WRPs) on each of his purchases, which would enable him/her to participate in the lucky draw every month and win cash rewards worth Rs.1000 to 20 crore. The Draw kitty will start from Rs 100 crore every month and will go up to Rs. 500 crore every month very soon.

5. With regard to the service charge uploaded, how long will it take to receive acknowledgment from the WINDS administration?

Once the Service Charge is paid by WINDS Executive Partner then the Bill amount will be credited to WRP.

6. If there are number of sales centres in the vicinity of a store and only half of such outlets are registered with WINDS, then what happens?

In such a situation, work can commence with all such outlets as are registered with WINDS.

7. If for some reason I am unable to give a printed bill to the customer right away, then what?

If you are approving the purchase of the consumer immediately on your APP, then Winds will not require any bill. If the purchase is not approved immediately then you can give your customer a printed or hand-written bill, which he can upload for your approval some time later when you are free but it is your job to approve this bill.

8. In case a transaction with a customer is on credit then how will WINDS App take care of it when the money has been credited? Will I be liable to pay service charge in such a case?

WINDS will not support or interfere in the nature of transaction. The Executive Partner will approve the Esteemed Consumer’s purchase whose payment is collected by you. And only on those purchase that have been claimed by the Customer and approved by the Partner, the relevant service charges will become payable to WINDS. Unless you pay the service charge to WINDS, the customer will not be able to earn WRP.

9. In case a customer for some reason returns the product either after the sale or after the approval of the sale, what will happen then?

The Executive Partner will go to transaction history in the App and enter the refund/ returned amount. Accordingly the WRPs of the Customer will be reduced by that refunded/ returned amount and WSP of the Partner will also be reversed by that amount. If the Partner has paid the Service Charge then it will be adjusted against the future Service Charge payment. The Partner will not loose his service charge in case he has paid. HOWEVER, IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THIS RETURN POLICY CAN BE ONLY IMPLEMENTED WITHIN 14 DAYS OF THE TRANSACTION. After the 14th day, the WRP and hence, the WSP cannot be reversed so the Service Charge paid by the Vendor will be non-refundable after 14 days. So the Vendor/ Partner will have to effect the return in his Partner App within 14 days of transaction.

10. Will the WRP be credited to Customer immediately after Executive Partner’s approval?

The Customer will be credited with provisional WRP upon the approval of the Executive Partner. However, till the service charges are not paid by the Executive Partner to Winds on approved sales, the WRPs of the Esteemed Customer will not confirmed. And 10,000 confirmed WRPs are necessary for one entry into the Draw. WRPs will be credited only after partner pays service charge.

11. Will we have to purchase WINDS products to participate in the lucky draw?

No, WINDS neither makes anything nor does it sell. WINDS is just a medium through which you can not only shop on all kinds of online websites such as Amazon, Flipkart and with all the mega brands such as Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloon, Reliance Fresh etc., but also from the local vendors of your locality and your city. That is, you don’t need to do anything new.

12. What if I am unable to earn 10,000 WRP in a month?

There is no time limit for earning WRPs ( Winds Rewards Points). Whenever your WRPs accumulates to 10,000 points you will be eligible to participate in the next month lucky draw.

13. Which vendor can we make WRP with?

WRP can be earned on online or offline purchases from all WINDS Executive Partners only.

14. What will happen to WRP in case online transaction fails?

If your transaction fails you will get your money back. So, there will be no generation of WRP.

15. How will I get the approval of online purchase?

You will not need any approval for the online purchase done through the WINDS App. The same will automatically be taken care of by the auto-tracking system. There will be no procedure for bill-uploading for online purchases.

16. How WINDS online purchase bills will be approved?

It is the same procedure with WINDS App as you have been following with your online payments till now. There are no approvals required as online transactions originating from the WINDS App are tracked by WINDS.

17. What if the vendor doesn’t give approval right after the shopping? In such a situation how will I earn WRP?

After shopping if instant approval of transaction is not done then you will have to upload the bill and you will get provisonal WRP after the approval done by WINDS Executive Partner and Service Charges made to WINDS. Our suggestion is that you as a Customer have to insist that the Vendor gives you an instant approval because you will ensure that WRPs are not missed on that purchase.

18. If there are offers of discount or cash-back on other online portals, will I be able to take advantage of them with my transactions through WINDS App?

Of course, you will be able to take advantage of all the offers and discounts being offered by online or offline sellers. The benefit being provided by the WINDS is above all these.

19. In case I get my purchased product delivered at home, how will the procedure for the approval of my purchase by the vendor will be completed?

In such a case you have to get your transaction approved by the concerned vendor right away. The safest way to secure your WRP are to enter the Partner Code on the scan QR Screen and upload the bill. Then the Customer should insist on Vendor/ Partner’s approval on the uploaded bill at his earliest convenience.

20. How can WINDS consumer shop on other online portals such as Flipkart?

There is a very simple procedure for this. First you have to click on WINDS App, then on the concerned Portal. The WINDS App redirects you to the desired Portal. It means now you will be on Flipkart or any other Portal site which you have clicked and you can carry out your shopping and payment procedures as before.

21. Can I access mobile wallets such as PayTM, PhonePe, JIO Money etc, through the WINDS App?

You can only access mobile wallets integrated with WINDS App or Website. For example, if Paytm facility is available on WINDS App only then will you be able to avail the same , otherwise not.

22. Can I pay my bills through WINDS App?

Yes the WINDS App will have the facility of paying all kinds of Utility Bills.

23. How and when will the earned WRP be updated on WINDS App?

After the purchases through WINDS App and its payment, the concerned vendor has to approve the transaction, and thereafter he has to pay the fixed service charge for it to WINDS. After the completion of this procedure, the confirmed WRP will be credited to the customer on WINDS App. Upon acceptance of the Partner, it will be reflected as provisional WRP. On payment of service charge from the WINDS Executive Partner, the provisional WRP will reflect as confirmed WRP.

24. Do I need to purchase products from the vendor registered only in my area?

No, it is not necessary. You can buy your products from any vendor registered with WINDS App in any corner of India online or offline.

25. Is there any cash-back facility for the consumer on WINDS App?

No, through WINDS App the consumers can participate only in its reward program and stand to win lucky draw from a monthly kitty starting with Rs 100 crore initially going upto Rs. 500 crore very soon, ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs. 20 crore that too every month. There is no Cash-back facility.

26. Suppose Customer buys a product in instalment then EMI will also be counted in WINDS Point or not?

YES EMI will be considered for WRP. Any amount as and when paid, can be claimed for WRP by Customer and thence approved by Partner. WRP will be credited accordingly.

27. In case of online shopping the rating of several Apps such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong are given or not?

Ratings can be given for other online shopping portals as usual.

28. When the WINDS Executive partner will upgrade to next WINDS Privilege Club membership?

The Executive Partner will upgrade automatically by the system after qualifying the certain parameters as mentioned in the Brochure and Winds Digest.

29. How to differentiate the WINDS Executive Partners on the basis of stars i.e 7 Star, 5 Star, 4 Star etc.?

Star Ratings of the WINDS Executive Partners are based on certain parameters. For further details kindly go through the WINDS Digest

30. If Executive Partner sale is Rs. 50000.00 per day but he declares Rs.30000.00 then how it can be tracked?

All Customers purchases will be tracked automatically when he will claims the purchases. We are not dependent on Executive Partners sales declarations.

31. What are the points that will be considered to rate the Vendors(WEP) for the Star Rating Systems?

Star Ratings is based on the Service Charge Percentage contracted by WINDS Executive Partners. All these ratings are categorically explained in the WINDS Digest.

32. If a Vendor (WEP – Winds Executive Partner) has a lower star rating, can it get a better star rating with an even better performance or vice versa?

Star rating is dependent on the percentage of the service charge that the vendor (WEP) will pay us. However there are other parameters also as detailed in WINDS Digest which contribute to the level of privilege Club that the WEP can reach.

33. In future are there any chances the customers will get additional benefits apart from winning the rewards?

Yes there are many other plans which will be rolled out in future.

34. Will there be any quality check of the vendors who register themselves as WEP to make WINDS quality of Service better?

Yes the customers will be able to rate their transaction experience with the Vendors(WEP). This along with other parameters as detailed in WINDS Digest will be used to assess the performance of Vendors(WEP). Good ratings will be incentivized while poor performance of the Vendors will cause them to be phased out and replaced.

35. How many WRP will be earned by Customer after any purchases?

WRP is totally based on Star Ratings of Vendors.

36. Is there any target fixed for Vendors to create new customers and sales target?

No there is no target but after the association with WINDS. New customer and sales would automatically increase in your designated area.

37. Loans should be released on Business merits?

No only on the basis of eligible privilege club membership and by lucky draw the secured loans will be released.

38. Is there any facility of Money Transfer in WINDS App?

No such facility is there.

1. I am not tech-savvy. I will not be able to handle this.

There is no need to be tech-savvy for this. WINDS has generated a separate Vendor App for its Executive Partners, which you will be able to operate even from your smart phone and by following a simple procedure, will be able to handle your work. For this you do not need any training or any expertise.

2. How can the WINDS App be downloaded?

For this, you will have to visit the Google play store on your Android smart phone and if you have iPhone then you have to download from the Apple Store - the WINDS App. Once downloaded, you need to follow a simple online registration process to login into the App.

3. Will the WINDS App function on all kinds of mobile phones? Even on feature phone?

To download the WINDS App, you need to have an Android or an iOS smart phone. WINDS App can be operable even on an Android phone with standard features. Hoever, there are plans to enable Winds to function even on an internet enabled feature phone(GPRS Based) by means of a browser.

4. If a consumer has some difficulty in scanning the Q.R. Code what alternative will he have in such a case?

In case the QR Code cannot be scanned, there is a QR Code number mentioned below the code. It can be manually entered to identify the Executive Partner where the transaction has taken place.

5. If internet connection is slow or the App does not function properly, what am I to do?

In such a case first of all you should make your customer free by giving him a printed or hand-written bill, then complete further procedures as and when the connection is properly restored. The Customer can upload the bill when connectivity is restored.

6. Is your Server wholly capable of handling the heavy traffic of WINDS App transactions unobstructed?

Yes, certainly. Technologically, we are capable of handling very high volume of transactions.

7. If I forget my password how will I reset it?

It is very easy. There is a forgot password option through which the password can be reset after necessary verification. It will ask your User Id then reset password link will be sent on your mobile and on your email id, you need to click on link to reset your password.

8. What will I have to do if bill uploading takes a longer time?

Firstly, the WINDS user will not need to upload the bill if he gets his transaction approved by the vendor forthwith. However, if for some reason, your transaction isn't approved by the vendor immediately at the time of transaction, you will have to upload the bill. If internet connectivity is poor, you may face some problem in uploading, but for this, you can wait a while or upload the bill by going to an area where the internet connectivity is good.

9. Will this App work in low connectivity zone such as distant areas and rural areas on slow browsers?

Normal internet connectivity is needed for WINDS App.

10. If a Customer don't have the Smart Mobile then how she/he will know his/her WRP?

Smart Phone with Internet feature is mandatory for WINDS App. However, there are plans to enable WINDS to function on feature phones (GPRS enabled.

11. If any captain recruits the Executive Partner and if he makes the sale then will he get the notification on his mobile?

Yes Captain will get all notifications related to Vendors approved purchases done by Customer.

12. Is it possible that Customer can make the payments to Executive Partners through his App for e.g. Phone Pe, Paytm etc.

Yes customer can make the payments through any mode of payment viz Cash online, Paytm etc.

13. Can the customer get Vendors existence in any city or town through his App?

Information of Vendors can be accessed maximum in the range of 20 kilometres.

14. How would customer know the total WRP earned by him?

All information related to earned WRP will be available in WINDS App.

1. My trade is flourishing. I do not really need this.

Everybody wants to augment their sales. Surely you are harbouring ambitions to be the biggest vendor (seller) in your area of operation if you already aren't and to continue to be the biggest if you already are. As of now none of the vendor from your segment is offered such a great opportunity, that too free wherein he needs to pay the service charge only after the sale is concluded. WINDS is giving you an opportunity to become the biggest vendor in your area and graduate your position as the biggest vendor by minimising your competition.

2. How will my sales increase?

WINDS is based on the idea of providing each of its Executive Partners with an exclusive area, where there will be no tie-up with any other vendor who deals in the same product category. Owing to this, the customers will do more purchases at the outlets that belong to the WINDS Executive Partners, so as to avail for themselves, the benefits of the biggest reward draw program being operated by WINDS.

3. How would the customer benefit from WINDS?

Till now, the customer used to make expenses online or offline and then forgot about them but now with the opportunity to accumulate WINDS Rewards Points on each purchase he can participate in the rewards draw (lucky draw) every month and stand to win between Rs.1000 and Rs. 20 crore as cash prize. Presently the total prize kitty will start from Rs. 100 crore every month and would go to Rs. 500 crore per month in the times to come. Every month lacs of customers would be benefited from this highly ambitious World's biggest Lucky Draw Program.

4. On which conditions the loans will be disbursed to the Vendors (WEP), and other benefits as well?

Loans will be disbursed to Vendors(WEP) through a lucky draw amongst all Vendors(WEP) in their respective eligible Privilege Club Category. For details, please refer to Vendor Recruitment Brochure and WINDS Digest.

1. If I fall into a product category other than the 55 categories listed by you, how do I go about it?

Apart from our list, if you are into any other business activity, whether it concerns selling of product or services, you can still associate with WINDS. Our WINDS Captain will assist you in this regard or you can contact our Customer support for assistance.

2. Do I need to secure any paid membership towards this?

No, not at all. WINDS does not charge anything from its Executive Partners for registration purpose. That is, WINDS gives an attractive offer of free listing with immense benefits to its vendors. You will have to pay the pre-decided service charge only after the sale is concluded.

3. Right now I am not interested. Let a draw take place, then I will let you know.

In first phase our plan is to associate 20 lakh selected vendors with WINDS from all across India. In addition, in each area and under a specific product category, we are registering just a single vendor. Therefore, if you do not avail the benefits of this opportunity today, this opportunity will be given to some other Vendor as Exclusive Vendor of your segment in your area.

4. For how long will the validity of the vendor contract last? How can it be renewed after the expiry of the contract?

No validity limit of this contract has been fixed. It will be a lifelong contract. However, in case of violation of rules and regulations or non performance, WINDS management has all rights to review the association and act accordingly.

5. Is it possible to recruit Vendor in any part of India?

Captain can recruit the vendor anywhere in India but if any Vendor exists in same category in that particular area/ market hub/ complex, then he cannot recruit.

6. Is it possible if the captain fills the Vendor Registration Form and submits to his branch then his vendor ship would be considered as confirm?

The processing of the Vendor Registration Form will take place at Branch/Franchise and final approval will be given by Region office of WINDS.

7. What will be the category for shopping Mall?

Specifically there is no category for shopping mall but the shops located in mall can be registered as per their business category.

1. How will the service charge be paid?

The Service Charge can be paid online through debit card, credit card or through net banking. Our WINDS Captain can also collect it from you in cash.

2. What will be the service charge payable at my end?

It depends under the business category you are registered with us. Our WINDS Captain will provide you all the information in this regard. You will have to pay service charge as contracted with you.

3. My business does not provide me sufficient margins to pay you service charge. Then?

Our WINDS Captain makes you aware of all the benefits of associating with us. After market research, we have generated a list of the affordable service charges payable by all product and service business categories. In addition, you need not to worry, we are taking service charge only after the sales is concluded. Moreover, if your turnover with WINDS is significantly increased, then even after having paid us our service charge, your profits would increase substantially.

4. Why should I pay you the service charge as applicable on my permanent customers?

Once a customer gets attracted to the WINDS Reward Draw Program and thereafter, for his own benefit, he would only like to go to the WINDS Executive Partner. Therefore, you yourself should inform your customers about the offers from WINDS. This will lead to a sense of loyalty in them towards you and there will be an increased flow of Customers seeking registered WINDS Executive Partners at your outlet. Further, in today's times there is no permanent customer as such. Customers just head towards those places where they find better offers or benefits.

5. What if I want to pay service charge in cash?

You can pay your service charge in cash or online through debit card, credit card or through net banking. If you desire to pay through cash, our WINDS Captain will come over and collect the service charge in cash from you.

6. If I am a WINDS Executive Partner then will there be a service charge target for me?

No. No such target for a WINDS Executive Partner has been set, but keep in mind that you too will be eligible for the draw on every cumulative payment of Rs.10,000 as Service Charge. Therefore, you should do the maximum sales through WINDS so that you earn maximum WINDS Service Points (WSP).

7. What if the vendor doesn't pay service charge?

In this case we will inform the customer so that he may persuade the vendor and pressurize him to approve the transaction and pay due service charge. Further, the WINDS Captain and WINDS Master of the area and the concerned Branch will also be informed regarding this so that the remaining service charge may be recovered from the vendor. After making the payment of service charge by WINDS Executive Partner to WINDS then only the WRP will be generated and subsequently customer will be eligible to participate in lucky draw. If however, the vendor still does not pay the service charge, WINDS will terminate the registration of the defaulting Vendor and take appropriate legal option.

8. Is there any provision for giving the service charges for Vendors on city grade?

No such provision is available. Service Charges are universal for all cities pan India.

9. What is the time span of releasing the service charges by Vendors to WINDS?

If it is agreed for releasing online then same day and if it is in Cash then it will be collected as soon as possible by the WINDS Captain.

10. What are the service charges applicable on diversified Business Categories?

Minimum applicable service charges are already given in Captain APP with Business category list.

11. In the competitive market it is observed that there are so many products on which the MRP is not mentioned for e.g. cloth, vegetables, sweets etc. In this scenario how the prices will be evaluated?

WINDS will not interfere in the pricing or valuation of any product or service. It will simply record the transactional value of the purchase.

1. Is a GST number mandatory for a WINDS Executive Partner?

No, if your turnover is less than Rs. 20 lakh, you will not require a GST number. Please note law of land would be applied across in all business working areas.

2. Would I also have to pay service charge on the GST Applicable on the bill amount?

No, service charge is calculated as a percentage of your actual aale amount before GST.

3. Will I have to pay GST on Service Charge?

Yes, Winds will raise a GST Invoice on the Executive Partner for the due Service Charge. GST will be applicable on the due Service Charge. Executive Partner will be able to take an input credit on the GST payable to WINDS against the collected GST from his customers.

4. How will I get my cash reward?

After deducting the taxes as per Govt. Rules and Regulations the Lucky Draw reward money will be transferred to your bank.

5. What will be the proper tax on our cash reward?

The taxes that are applicable as per the Govt. Rules will be deducted.

6. If there is an excellent shop for specific category but they don't want to process purchasing bill to the customer due to his accounting process (GST), then is it possible to give him WINDS License?

WINDS doesn't necessarily require any bill to be uploaded. The Vendor is responsible for his own compliances. We only require the customer to scan the QR Code of the shop and then enter the amount of sale which needs to be approved by the Vendor.

1. Can the vendor also participate in the lucky draw?

Yes. One WSP will be generated on every Rupee paid as Service Charge to WINDS. On a cumulative 10000 WSP or Rs. 10,000 paid as service charge, the vendor will be eligible to earn ONE Coupon to participate in the lucky draw. Similarly if the Vendor generates 20,000 WSP (meaning paying WINDS a service charge of Rs. 20,000) within one month, then the vendor will be eligible to enter TWO Coupons in the next month's Rewards Draw, Vendor would stand to win cash rewards worth between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 20 crore from a monthly kitty starting with Rs 100 crore and going up to Rs. 500 crore monthly.

2. If I am unable to win cash reward in the next monthly draw what will happen to my WSP? Will these points be valid for the next draw or will they be added to the next set of WSP? Or will I have to earn WSP afresh?

Please understand that on every accumulation of 10000 WSP, you will be eligible for the next month's lucky draw only. If you are unable to win any cash reward in this draw, you will have to earn fresh WSP as this is an ongoing phenomenon wherein there is a Draw and hence an opportunity every month.

3. Why should I share my bank account details with you?

If you participate in the lucky draw through WINDS, you can WIN rewards ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 20 Crore, As per the applicable law the reward money after deductions will be transferred to your bank account.

4. How will I be informed about my entry in the monthly draw?

You will get information on your WINDS App and then you will be informed through a SMS too. In addition, it will be displayed on the WINDS website.

5. Will the lucky draw amount be paid in cash?

Yes. This is a cash-reward program. The monthly draw winners will get the winning cash prizes from Rs. 1,000 to 20 crore. The winners of cash prizes will be transferred to their respective bank account after deducting applicable taxes. Every month, millions of customers and vendors will get the benefit from the World's Biggest Reward Program.

6. What will I actually have to do to participate in the lucky draw?

There is nothing to do specific here, You only have to make WRP on every purchase of yours by doing all your shopping (online or offline) through the WINDS App. On accumulation of every 10000 WRP, you will be provided with One Coupon through which you will automatically be eligible to participate in the lucky draw.

7. How much will I have to pay for the lucky draw coupon?

No you don't have to pay additional charge anywhere during the shopping.

8. How many people will I have to refer to participate in the lucky draw?

For participating in Lucky Draw you don't have to refer anyone. You have to do your shopping through WINDS App to participate in the lucky draw. However, new referrals will be incentivized with WRPs.

1. What if you make someone in my close vicinity a WINDS Executive Partner?

WINDS is based on the concept of granting exclusivity to Winds Executive Partners and there is no reason why we will dilute the concept. We will secure on board only one vendor in each category with exclusive rights and representations as a WINDS Executive Partner in your area/ market hub / market complex. Our aim is to increase your sales and minimize your competition.

2. Please clear It is mentioned that there is exclusive shop in particular area but the radius of the area is not defined in any way.

It is generally referring to a market hub/block but since the local conditions vary from place to place it cannot be locked. So it is the discretion of Branch to define the area.

1. Whom do I contact if I have a technical problem?

Any technical problem solution can be resolved through Phone, Chat and through email. All support details are available in all APPs of WINDS. Toll free Customer Care: 1800 103 1032 | Chat: Inbuilt availablity on all Applications (Apps) | Email :

2. Is there any grievance cell or customer cell of the WINDS where I can lodge my complaint?

We have given our Customer Support Option on all WINDS Apps. The customers can also write/send their grievances through e-mail on or you can call our Toll Free Number 1800 103 1032.

3. Is there any Toll Free Number for Vendors?

Yes WINDS Toll Free Number is 1800 103 1032 for all Customers, Vendors and Captain